Top 5 Business iOS Apps

Although BlackBerrys once dominated the workplace, the business world has rapidly adopted iPhones, largely because of the plethora of available apps. Though many entrepreneurs and tech-minded individuals have been quick to make the leap to iOS software, the five apps below coupled with the iPhone’s computer-like capacities will soon convert any RIM users as well as a more traditional businessman over to the other side.


Evernote is quickly replacing the use of a yellow notepad by providing an app that can do, well, everything. From taking notes to creating to-do lists, the app has the ability to keep all ideas organized and synced to all of your devices and computers. By creating an Evernote account, users can also save Tweets, email drafts, photographs and audio files for either for business presentations or social media efforts; you can also share your various notes, pictures or lists through social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. If you are working on multiple projects at one time, the app also allows users to categorize files with an easy to manage search feature to find information for later use.

Recommended for everyone.


The beauty of Venmo is this app can be used not only in business interactions but also with personal ones. Venmo is the #1 rated app to pay people, and it serves as a way to reimburse business partners of colleagues if you do not have cash or a wallet on hand. You can transfer money to any ‘friend’ on your Venmo account, regardless of your location or proximity to them. Simple tasks the application can be used for ranges from splitting a dinner to travel costs like airplane fees and hotels. While the primary use of the application remains for personal finance payments among friends, in the business community the app can be used to quickly repay employees, replacing the long reimbursement process. The company recently teamed up with Braintree to further build its presence in business.

Recommended for small businesses.

FlightTrack Pro

With the introduction of Skype and Google Hangouts in the workplace, business trips are becoming less common. However, for the remaining frequent flyer balancing meetings all across the country, FlightTrack Pro is essential. The app has push notifications for flight alerts, manages weather delays and provides terminal maps for over 3,000 airports. In addition, FlightTrack also has a live tracker feature, which can give you the plane’s current location and any potential delays with updated departure and arrival times. For $3.99 only, users can access departure and arrival boards from thousands of terminals in real time if they need to evaluate changing flights or monitoring when a client will arrive. The best feature of the app remains its ability to work off-line, so regardless of Wi-Fi access it can still be used once airborne.

Recommended for business travelers.

iFax Pro

On the go and need to scan an important document? iFax Pro is your answer. Through simply taking a photo of a document on your iPhone’s camera, the app faxes it straight to your iPhone or iPad for immediate use. Once in the application, users can choose from a variety of cover page templates to personalize and enhance your document. Additionally, the app is now partnered with Dropbox and Box, so you can upload your fax documents directly to those platforms and share them instantly. While you have to pay for the number of faxes you send, the prices remain relatively cheap: it costs $0.99 to fax up to five pages, $1.99 for up to 10 pages and $3.99 for up to 20 pages.

Recommended for law firms and other document-heavy businesses.


Though business cards are essential for networking, CamCard makes storing contact information easier than ever. By simply taking a photo of a business card, the app collects an associate’s email address, phone numbers and other basic information and stores it all in one manageable place. After the information is auto-detected, users can edit and add additional info into contacts as well as categorize individuals by company or organization. Additionally, though it is possible to make calls and send emails directly from the app, it is easy to synch information on other devices and organizational systems.

Recommended for everyone.

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