Review of the messengers. Best and popular Internet messengers

What is the messenger?

Instant messenger (IM = Instant Messenger) is a program mobile app or web service for instant messaging.

Most often, the messenger understand the program in which you write the message and where you read them. However, each such program is the network messaging, which is also included in the concept of “messenger”. This can be a network within your company and can be a global network, such as Jabber.

Due to the fact that these networks were divorced quite a lot, not all messengers are compatible. Ie not the fact that if you have messenger and your partner have messenger, you will be able to contact him.

I must say that the concept of the messenger has long been associated not only with text messaging. Modern instant messengers have become a full-fledged communication centers, which in addition to communications implementing voice, video, file sharing, web conferencing.

The most popular messaging apps is WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook Messenger, Skype, ICQ, Google Hangouts.

Below you will find some news most popular instant messengers and see their history.

Pinngle messenger from Zigma telecom is actively conquer Runet

Pinngle is a relatively new messenger for the Russian segment of the Internet along with standard to any messenger functionality presents unique advantages to its users. Common chats with up to 10 000 people – are three chat rooms instead of one because of a limitation of 250 people? Using Pinngle you don’t have to worry about such difficulties. Virtual mobile numbers and Pinngle Out allow you to call any number in any country from anywhere in the world while remaining connected to loved ones through the virtual room as if you never left the country. Separately want to highlight the ability Pinngle to support calls even with a terrible Internet connection. The quality of the connection remains high in almost any situation.

Google has announced a new messenger – Chat

What a long time there was a new messenger from Google. Users with popcorn waiting for the same replenished the list: Google Talk, GMail Chat, Google Plus Chat, Gizmo, Hangouts, Meet, Allo, Duo. And now, finally, Google announced that the project Allo (launched a year and a half ago). but instead (a few months) will be new messenger – Chat. But this is not an ordinary messenger. This will be the new standard SMS, through which you can send text, status, images and videos. The idea is that any two phones in Android could send each other messages and not had a problem that your contacts are not registered in any messenger. To make this idea work, we need mobile operators to support the new standard. Google says that 55 operators worldwide have already agreed. Oh and by the way, this new standard does not support end-to-end encryption, so that it does not prohibit, as Telegram. ***

Web-messenger disables all protocols

Was once a popular multi-Protocol instant messengers. Once a web messengers (running in the browser) was considered the future of Internet communications. But then came mobile instant messengers with closed protocols, and browser-based messengers now remembered only when they are closed. Service Imo free video calls and chat not yet closed, but entirely passes on your own record. All other protocols (Jabber, ICQ, Facebook) is now not supported. Users who are still on Multiprotocol messengers are invited to go on other services: IM+ Web, Trillian, QIP, Jappix, ICQ Web.

Viber launched the public accounts for business

the Most popular instant messenger in our country Viber added the ability to create public accounts for companies and brands. So far for the communication of business and customers was used in Viber public chat, where a company representative can write messages, and subscribers – only read, or the company and the customer had to add each other to contacts. A business account will allow you to organize two-way communication with subscribers. In addition, these chats can connect bots and integrate them with your CRM system to see the history of communication in the customer card. While the establishment of business accounts-only on request (like a public chat), but is absolutely free.

Google launched the intellectual Allo messenger

Google launched its new messenger – Allo. It is marketed as a “smart” messenger, because it is built Google Assistant — virtual assistant with artificial intelligence. It responds to user requests, it is also possible to join a conversation group. The messenger learns the user’s habits, and the obtained data are implemented in the function “Smart answer” is the app tells the user his typical responses to certain questions. In this case all messages will be encrypted between your device and Google’s servers, like Hangouts and Gmail. The application is available in the “incognito” mode — in this case, the end-to-end encryption, you can set the storage time of data transferred and messages sent in this mode are not displayed on the lock screen.

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