Indesign Suggestions For Mavericks: Turn Off App Nap, Adjust Permissions

We have more reports about how people are dealing with InDesign file corrupting problems with Mavericks and file servers. Suggestions include turning off App Nap, changing or repairing permissions, using CIFS instead of SMB, and using AFP instead of SMB. One reader said the problems occur with Adobe CS6 and Mavericks.

Shane Hughes, who previously reported problems of InDesign corrupting files, tried a combination of several things and had success:

That is what I have been doing. Then yesterday I tried connecting using cifs:// instead of smb:// and then turned off App Nap for InDesign, plus changed InDesign permissions to allow everyone. Things are working normally for now, but I hesitate to call it a solution until I’m up and running for at least a week.
App Nap can be turned off be selecting the InDesign icon in the Finder, hitting Command-I to bring up the Info window, and unchecking the App Nap box. Changing permissions is also in Info window.

If you’ve tried any of these suggestions let us know.

Charlotte Glasson sent us an of the error message indicating permission or corruption issues:

I have just done the Mavericks update and when opening the files I was working on, multiple copies of which were there, are all giving me this error message and I cannot recover the files:
“Either the file does not exist, you do not have permission, or the file may be in use by another application.”

Joe Frattura said the problems occur with Adobe CS6 and are also related to Mavericks problems with permissions and ACLs:

This is a known issue with Mavericks and CS6 for sure. First let me just say, Adobe never designed their software to be running off the server. In the environment that I manage, they work off the server with CS6 and most of them are on 10.9 and higher connecting with SMB and AFP. A user who was working off the server packaged a file and saved it to another location on the server. Later they were unable to delete the folder. We did the very same thing in the Creative Cloud version and were able to delete a new folder that was created. So, I believe this is a combination of Apple moving to SMB and CS6 in need of patching.

We had this ongoing issue for several weeks. Permission issues didn’t clear up. We escalated this issue to our regional network admins. Apparently, the Mavericks OS conflicted with ACL (Access Control List) when they connected to this server. Essentially, SAMBA, which is used through Mavericks messed up the ACL. Our admin ran various scripts for permission repairs, which cleared up our issue. We also turned off SMB. We use AFP just for that server.

AFP is an option on OS X Server and on Windows Servers that are running ExtremeZ-IP from Acronis. AFP appears to have non of the file sharing problems being reported with SMB in Mavericks.

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