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Bryan Schappel speculates that Sophos anti-virus software may behind problems with massive duplication of Exchange email with Mavericks and Outlook and Mail. He suggests a workaround if this is the case:

I do not use Outlook on the Mac but my former company used Exchange 2003 and I used DAVMail to read my mail. One of the steps in setting up DAVMail was to add the localhost ( to the allowed web site list in Sophos Anti-virus. The clue submitted by Thomas Atkinson reminded me of this setup.

I wonder if the people with duplicate email are running Sophos. If so, then they might want to add the Exchange server to the allowed website list. A similar exclusion might be needed for other anti-virus software.

It makes sense to me. If the AV product is interfering with the data stream during a send/receive session and this causes Outlook to redownload messages then this might be the solution.

If you’ve tried this suggestion let us know how it worked out.

TIP: “Prevent App Nap” may fix Outlook massive email duplication in Mavericks

Bob Menna, who previously reported massive duplication of email with Outlook 2001 in Mavericks 10.9.2, thinks he has found a fix. This is the problem where Outlook creates hundreds or thousands of duplicate emails. Menna’s fix is to check the Prevent App Nap box in Outlook’s Get Info window. Menna reports:

Go to Finder/Applications and right click on Outlook. Then select “Get Infoî. There is a box labeled “Prevent App Nap”. As I recall this box was not checked when I first found this. I checked it and have not had the problem since. Well, actually, I think I may have had it once since then but am not exactly sure about that. Either way, since checking this box, I have now gone more than a week with no email storms. Maybe a coincidence, maybe not. Worth a try for those who are still experiencing the storms.

Password problems with Outlook 2011 and OS X Mavericks

Jose Urzua has a problem where Outlook on OS X Mavericks tells him he has a “bad password” and asks him to reenter it when he checks mail. Manually reentering works, but it doesn’t stick. He has this problem with not one, but three accounts:

I was reading your article on Mavericks 10.9.1 and Outlook. I would like report that I have problems with password in each account in Outlook Mac, currently, I have a new hobby called “put the password in the accounts every 10 minutes.” Fortunately, I do not have others’ problems with emails, etc. My Outlook is set with 3 Accounts (1 Exchange Account and 2 IMAP Accounts). The attachment has a picture with the message. I do not have an idea how fix this situation, but really I am tired of this.

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