Centrify Adds Macs To Cloud-based Active Directory Management

Centrify today released Centrify User Suite, Mac Edition, which provides Active Directory-based authentication and management of Macs from the cloud. Using Centrify Cloud Services, the new software enables IT to enroll Macs and manage them as it manages iOS and Android devices. Centrify also revamped Centrify for Mobile, adding new features for iOS and Android.

Centrify User Suite, Mac Edition also provides Active Directory-based policy management and single sign-on, as well as and user self-service for Macs that are connected and for those that are disconnected. The User Suite can work with Centrify DirectControl for Mac, the network solution.

When Macs are enrolled, Active Directory Group policies are delivered to the Macs as profiles. (When enrollment occurs through Cloud Services, a computer object is created in Active Directory. This object has group policies applied to it as profiles.)

The system works with the Microsoft Certificate Authority to gain credentials, so that single sign-on can include WEP passwords and web keys, which means the user doesn’t have to provide them. Administrators can also create 802.1x profiles (created by Group Policies) for Wi-Fi.

Centrify software can manage an employee’s digital identity that spans their applications, Macs and mobile devices. Centrify is merging its Mac and mobile device management licenses in a combined per-user subscription, $48 per user annually for up to 5 Mac, iOS, and Android devices.

The Centrify User Suite, Mac Edition also includes advanced security features, including the ability to remotely lock or remotely wipe the Mac. There is also support for Filevault 2 full disk encryption. An administrator can remotely turn on Filevault on a Mac, which automatically generates a key pair. The software also automatically sets up an institution recovery key, so that if user gets locked out, IT can unlock the disk. The 802.1x configuration now includes PKI Authentication.

Centrify also announced that Centrify for Mobile “significantly enhances” the management of Samsung Android devices, and also improved support of iOS devices. Android devices now get features previously on available to iOS, including zero sign-on for web and mobile apps in container, and support of hundreds of security policies for Samsong SAFE devices. Policies can now control password, Exchange, Wi-Fi, VPN, and other features.

New features for iOS devices includes a new unified app management interface: Users can use the App store for self-service, and Mobile app management now supports paid apps with volume purchase program.

Centrify now integrates Dropbox and other cloud services into Active Directory single sign-on.

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